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    點滴夢想是富林家居有限公司最早推出的青少年兒童家具品牌,歷經8年的 快速發展,專賣店網絡覆蓋全國,共260多家專賣店,年銷售達壹億元以上。點滴夢想以健康成長、專業環保、引領風尚為設計理念,產品線豐富多元,組合方式靈活多變,功能合理實用,是真正符合青少年兒童需求的成長型家具,成為青少年家具行業滿意度第一品牌。



    DDMX, Kids and teens furniture brand launched earliest by Fulin Home Furnishing Co.,Ltd..More than 260 stores covers the whole country with annual sales of over RMB 100 million . DDMX takes the design concept of concept of healthy growth, professional environmental protection and fashion. The product line is rich and diverse, the combination mode is flexible and variable, the function is reasonable and practical. It’s the first satisfaction brand in kids&teens furniture industry.?

    DDMX five major series: New-American series, Pure-American series, Pastoral furniture series, Panel colorful series and Bobadi matress; Clear direction and different styles cover the three different market needs of high, medium and low at home and abroad and build the most abundant kids&teens furniture product line striving to build the leading brand of children furniture worldwide.

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